Our first priority is to help you find a hairstyle that is right for you, the best possible look based upon a number of considerations. We begin by observing your hair texture (whether it's fine or course, curly or straight), root direction, facial shape and structure. Then we discuss your lifestyle, what is your profession? What do you do for fun? How much time do you have to style your hair everyday? Certain styles are wash and wear, while others require more attention and home maintenance. Working together we will design a style around you.

Then we move on to the shampooing and conditioning of your hair using quality hair products for your hair type and texture. At Mark of Excellence we do not believe that one shampoo fits all. We follow by the actual cutting and styling of your hair. Lastly and most important is maintenance we explain and demonstrate the techniques to maintain your hairstyle at home with the least amount of effort. This may include proper washing drying and brushing as well as the correct application of gel, spray, mousse or pomade.


Next to cutting coloring is our most popular service. Color is one of the most important areas where we work as a team. Whether you are looking for permanent change or a temporary one, we have a coloring approach that will work for you. These include Highlights, Lowlights, Permanent Color, Semi Permanent and Corrective Color.

Permanent Wave

This is a process of putting curl, wave or sometimes just some movement in your hair. Once again as in color there are a variety of ways and techniques to put in curl. Through a thorough consultation we will determine the perm that is right for you. If you have long hair and have a straight re-growth, we can perm just the new growth so as not to subject the already curled hair to more chemicals.

When we give a perm, we are sure to send you home with a supply of gentle shampoo and conditioner. Also we like to use a gel or mousse to support a bunch of curls drying in the same direction. When you have several or many curl strands going in the same direction it has a very symmetrical look. If on the other hand, all of the hairs are going in all kinds of different directions, it can look like fuzz or frizz!


If you have permed or naturally curly hair and want less curl. We can help by reducing the amount and the intensity of the curl. We use only the finest buffered conditioning chemicals to do this.

Our Guarantee

If after a Haircut & Styling service you are having difficulty achieving the style at home. Please call and schedule an appointment for some hands on coaching. I, or one of my staff will shampoo and condition your hair. Then we go back to the styling chair and put the gel, mousse, pomade or what ever products are needed, in your hands. We will instruct and coach you how to apply the product. Then we put the blow dryer and brush in your hands and coach you on how to achieve your desired style. It all comes down to you. We want you to be satisfied.

If after Color Service,you are not completely satisfied. Please call and schedule an appointment for any adjustment that may be necessary. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We want you to Love your Color!